Religious Education

Religious Education at KLA is provided to all students from Year 7 through to Year 11. Religious Education provides students with the ability to use critical analysis and understanding of the role of religion in the world. Religious Education will tackle issues in the world and will open students’ minds to new and exciting ways of thinking! The course students take in each year will challenge preconceptions and allow students to analyse a range of beliefs and arguments. R.E. asks questions to challenge your views and the views of others, to agree, to disagree, to think, debate and enquire.

Students will need to have an enquiring mind which is eager to explore and challenge ideas. Students will gain critical and evaluative skills sought by higher education and employers, particularly in law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration and the media.


Year 7
Students will start off with R.E. similar to what they are used to in primary school before guiding them towards critical thinking skills. In the first term they will learn about how The Chronicles of Narnia run parallel to the life of Jesus before moving on to using comparative skills while learning about Sikhism. Both units then prepare them for the final unit on a project based on the six major world religions. This unit broadly looks at all religious understanding as well as students own experiences.

Term 1 – The Chronicles of Narnia as an analogy of the life of Jesus.

Term 2 – Sikhism

Term 3 – The Six World Religions Project

Term 5 – Sikhism – The Belief System

Term 6 – Sikhism – Daily Life and Actions

Year 8
Students spend this year really reflecting and breaking down their understandings of religious practices and they cover topics which invite them to think about their everyday lives and the construction of their opinions.

Term 1 – Judaism

Term 2 – Inspirational Leaders

Term 3 – Hinduism

Term 5 – Themes around Religious attitudes, prejudice, injustice and the meaning of God

Term 6 – Religious views on modern social issues


KS4 (including Year 9)

Year 9
Students will cover a broad spectrum of topics in order to prepare them for the  AQA Spec A GCSE. They will look into beliefs and practices as well as opinions and teachings from two religions. At KLA we focus on Christianity and Islam.

Topics covered over the entire year:

Terms 1 and 2 – Christianity:- Beliefs and Practices.
Term 3 – Theme B Religion and Life.
Term 5 – Relationship and Family – Sex, Marriage and Equality
Term 6 – Religion and Life – Theories of Creation

Year 10
Term 1 and 2 – Islam :-  Beliefs and Practices.
Term 3 – Theme D Religion, peace and conflict.
Term 5 – Relationship and Family – Sex, Marriage and Equality
Term 6 – Religion and Life – Theories of Creation

Year 11
Current GCSE – Students are studying the final 2 units of WJEC Spec B before preparing and revising for the exam.
Term 1 – Our World
Term 2 – Religious Expression
Term 3 – Exam preparation  and review of all 8 units from both papers.
Term 5 – Revision
Term 6 – Revision

New GCSE Students
Term 1- Theme E Religion, crime and punishment.
Term 2 – Theme A Relationships and families.
Term 3 – Exam preparation and revision.

The R.E. GCSE exam is made up of two exam papers both are 1 hour and 45 minutes. Both papers are out of 96 marks with one question in each paper also contributing 5 marks to SPaG. The papers are spaced well with one being in May and the other in June.

Assessment/Important Links:
Current GCSE Specification and Past paper links (WJEC Religious Studies B):

New GCSE for those starting year 10 in September (AQA Religious Studies B):


Schemes of Learning Overview Religious Studies 2017 – 2018

Year Group


Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Unit 6
7 The Chronicles of Narnia – an analogy of the life of Jesus The Chronicles of Narnia – Prophecy and Sacrifice Sikhism – Beliefs Sikhism – Practices Sikhism – The Belief System Sikhism – Daily Life and Actions
8 Judaism – Beliefs Judaism – Practices Inspirational Leaders – the power of persuasion Inspirational Leaders – Gandhi and Martin Luther King Religious views on modern social issues Religious views on modern social issues
9 Christianity – Beliefs –Sources of Authority Christianity – Beliefs – Membership and Commitment Christianity – Practices – Worship Christianity – Practices – Festivals Relationship and Family – Sex, Marriage and Equality Religion and Life – Theories of Creation
10 Islam – Beliefs – Sources of Authority Islam – Beliefs – The Five Pillars Islam – Practices – Worship and lifestyle Islam – Practices – Justice and Equality Relationship and Family – Sex, Marriage and Equality Religion and Life – Theories of Creation
11 Our World – Creation Our World –  Our Place in the World Religious Expression –  Symbols Religious Expression – sharing faith Revision Revision