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Meet the PE Department:

Miss Laura Tea Head of PE and Assistant Principal

Mr Phil Bugg

Mr Jonathan May

Mr Alex Walpole

Miss Katie Watts

Physical Education (PE) is a vital component of our school curriculum. It offers a unique contribution to the education of students through the opportunities it provides for them to plan, perform and evaluate a range of physical activities. It can enhance self-esteem and contribute to students’ moral and social developments.

King Lynn Academy encourages all students to develop physically and mentally and provide opportunities for all to succeed through their sporting interest or academically through the courses on offer. These include GCSE PE and BTEC First in Sport.

Our aims
We are endeavouring to ensure that all students become:
– Successful learners who enjoy learning and make progress
– Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
– Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

In the Physical Education department we are aiming to build on established success to raise standards further in PE and sport. It will harness the motivating power of sport to engage all our students, to promote social inclusion and develop leadership qualities. Physical Education is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are the foundation for engaging in physical activity. However, the mere acquisition of knowledge and skills is not enough. Our aim of Physical Education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive and fulfilling life. Teaching staff in the department are very experienced dedicated individuals, who often give up their free time for students to take part in before school, lunch time and after school clubs and fixtures.

Key Stage 3
All Key Stage 3 PE lessons are taught in either single or mixed gender groups. Throughout Key Stage 3 the
PE department ensures that all students follow as wide a range of activities as possible. This
allows our students to experiment with sport and hopefully take at least one sport on in extracurricular.
The department strongly believe that young people should be given the knowledge
to help them lead healthy lifestyles and will encourage all student’s to get involved in extracurricular
school teams or represent their house in any of the sporting activities involved.

Assessing Students in Physical Education

At the end of each half term the students are given an age related expectation grade, which reflects the current assessment objective they are working on which could include knowledge, skills and understanding across the whole PE curriculum. The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in PE and set targets for themselves and ensure they understand where their learning needs to go.

The PE department at KLA aim to offer our students an up to date, contextualised curriculum,
encompassing all activities recommended plus much more.

Our PE department provides continuity and a variety of expertise. The PE department is
supported by other talented and interested members of staff from other departments within
the school who come and help out with teams and clubs, as well as specialist coaches in an
array of different areas.

Curriculum Overview for 2018/19

PE Overview 2018

Autumn Term

PE SOL Key Stage 3 Trampolining

PE SOL Year 7 Basketball
PE SOL Year 7 Football
PE SOL Year 7 Netball
PE SOL Year 7 Rugby

Spring Term

PE SOL Year 7 Badminton
PE SOL Year 7 Dance
PE SOL Year 7 Fitness
PE SOL Year 7 Hockey

Summer Term

PE SOL Year 7 Athletics
PE SOL Year 7 Cricket
PE SOL Year 7 Rounders
PE SOL Year 7 Tennis

Autumn Term

PE SOL Year 8 Basketball
PE SOL Year 8 Football
PE SOL Year 8 Netball
PE SOL Year 8 Rugby

Spring Term

PE SOL Year 8 Badminton
PE SOL Year 8 Hockey
PE SOL Year 8 Fitness

Summer Term

PE SOL Year 8 Athletics
PE SOL Year 8 Cricket

PE SOL Year 8 Rounders
PE SOL Year 8 Tennis

Key Stage 4
At Key Stage 4, students’ personal development and potential should continue to build on the
skills, knowledge and understanding acquired through following the Programmes of Study
for physical education at KS3. Students should become more responsible for their own
learning and should be encouraged to seek opportunities to continue these opportunities
outside the school curriculum. Physical education at Key Stage 4 should provide students
with the opportunity to become informed and competent participants in physical activity
through the knowledge and understanding of the principles pertaining to effective
performance, the intrinsic value of physical activity and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

GCSE Physical Education:

Exam Board : Edexcel/ OCR
GCSE PE will encourage students to be inspired and to develop awareness and appreciation
of their own and others’ cultures in relation to physical education. The course prepares
students to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.
It enables them to become physically competent through being actively engaged in a range of
physical activities, and to become effective in their performance in different roles such as
player/participant, leader and official.
This is a two year course is designed to stretch pupils physically and mentally. The course
aims to develop theoretical knowledge of Sport and physical ability. Pupils have two theory
lessons and one double and single practical lesson per week. The theoretical element of the course
enhances pupils understanding of the factors that affect performance levels, producing
reflective performers who are able to develop themselves as sporting performers.
Examinations on the course are weighted as follows: Theory 40% (Written exam) / Practical
50% (Practical Performance, assessed in four sports) / Analysis of performance 10% (Oral
Exam, about their favourite sport).

We have an excellent reputation for delivering, ‘outstanding gcse practices and lessons’ and
producing ‘extremely high standards from all students, during their assessment’s, according to
Ofsted and the Edexcel external moderator. Such comments are earned through delivering
outstanding lessons, consistently and striving to provide as many opportunities for all pupils
to prepare as best as they can for all three aspects of this GCSE.
Key features
 Four practical activities assessed.
 Emphasis on practical skills, with 60 per cent coursework.
 New Exercise Activities Group, allowing centres to offer three activities plus Fitness
 Analysis of Performance, designed to be integrated throughout the course.
 Final practical assessment, giving a continuity to the practical coursework.
 Focus on Factors Affecting Performance related to the physiology of exercise.
 A visiting moderation assessment programme.
 Provides a basis for Edexcel’s Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE Physical
Education specifications.

The BTEC qualifications aim to give all students the opportunity to gain a nationally
recognised qualification that can be used when applying either for post-16 education or
employment. The BTEC in Sport looks to use student interest in sport to promote academic
learning, along with providing the opportunity to acquire coaching and leadership awards
and to use these to help develop sport within the local community. Students will also have
the opportunity to develop their practical skills throughout a range of activity areas.
BTECs are designed to be largely assessed by coursework, removing much of the pressure of
examinations. Coursework is completed via a range of assessment methods including written
work, practical assessment and presentations. There is one piece or work that will be
externally assessed by the examination body, worth 25% of final the grade.
The course is made up of the following four units:
· Fitness for sport and exercise
· Practical sports performance
· Training for personal fitness
· Leading sports activities
The course is run over two years, with students having one BTEC theory lessons per week,
in addition to their normal one core PE lessons.
The level of attainment will be marked individually for each unit of the course, in line with
BTEC guidelines. The grades are:
· Level 2 Distinction*
· Level 2 Distinction
· Level 2 Merit
· Level 2 Pass
· Level 1
Level 2 grades are equivalent to GCSE at grades A*-C; The Level 1 grade is equivalent to a
GCSE grade in the D-G range.
Most assessment takes place through internal assessment of coursework. However, there will
be one externally assessed piece of coursework worth 25% of the final grade. This external
assessment will be based on the fitness for sport and exercise unit and will take the form of an
on-screen test.

For further details on the courses including past papers, exam techniques, revision aids and all of the powerpoints and teaching resources used during the course visit the PE room for key stage 4 with your student log in.

Curriculum Overview for 2018/19

PE Overview 2018

Autumn Term

PE SOL Year 9 Basketball
PE SOL Year 9 Football
PE SOL Year 9 Netball
PE SOL Year 9 Rugby

PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Basketball
PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Football
PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Netball
PE SOL Year 11 GCSE – Term 1 – Socio-Cultural issues 1

PE SOL Key Stage 4 Trampolining
PE SOL KS 4 Fitness

Spring Term

PE SOL Year 9 Badminton
PE SOL Year 9 Hockey

PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Badminton
PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Hockey

Summer Term

PE SOL Year 9 Athletics
PE SOL Year 9 Cricket
PE SOL Year 9 Rounders
PE SOL Year 9 Tennis

PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Athletics
PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Cricket
PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Rounders
PE SOL Year 10 & 11 Tennis


The sporting opportunities outside the classroom at KLA are numerous, fulfilling and a vital part of the pupils experiences. We take pride in offering as many varied and challenging clubs and activities for pupils of all ages to ensure every child has the chance to achieve success, improve their skills and enjoy physical activity in a safe, organised and fun environment. There is always a club available and when the final school bell rings at 3pm our staff and many pupils are in the welcome routine of beginning the next part of their day.

School Teams
We pride ourselves on our performances in local and national competition and will enter as many tournaments as we can. There are local leagues in Basketball, Football (girls and boys), Cricket, Netball and Rounders. In Rugby, Athletics, Football, Cross Country, Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Badminton and Tennis there are Regional and County competitions.

For all these sports there are weekly clubs led by PE staff and specialist coaches for all to attend; with players showing commitment, responsibility, pride and teamwork to allow them to experience travel and competition with their peers. On top of this we have a close partnership with the West Norfolk School Games Organiser and always try to enter as many other competitions that are on offer.

Linking With Local Clubs
Strong links have been established with many local clubs and, where appropriate, new clubs
have been formed at the school. This currently applies in cycling, hockey, basketball, athletics and fitness.

Illness or injury

If a student is not fit to participate in the lesson due to illness or injury, a note must be
produced by the carer/parent. All students will still be required
to arrive with kit and wear this during the PE lesson. This will allow them to take on a
role within the lesson as a leader/coach or official and maintain a dry and clean Academy
uniform to change back into for the remainder of the day. If they do not arrive with kit, they will be provided with clean laundered kit.

The PE department’s kit policy
Failure to arrive with PE kit for the lesson, whether they are a fully active participant or not will result in the following actions:
1 – Everyone makes careless mistakes- a warning is given
2 – Break time detention
3 – Afterschool detention
4 – parent meeting.

As a department we will lend kit out if your child has not got the correct kit. The only item we will not supply is socks.

To support your child’s learning within the subject it is recommended that you:
– Encourage them to take part in sporting activities outside of school in order to improve/maintain fitness levels
– Encourage them to join in extra-curricular activities offered within the school
– Keep a copy of the schools extra-curricular clubs at home to know what sports are on
and when.

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