Our aim is to encourage students to participate in as much practical work as possible to learn and develop what will be life skills. Lessons will be taught by one of the following highly trained staff who will ensure lessons are engaging, challenging and safe.

Miss Hannah Drewery (Head of Technology)
Mr Paul Aldous
Mrs Jen May
Mrs Hayley Lockey

Year 7
Students complete a half term of Food where the emphasis is on learning and developing practical skills based around two themes including the importance of healthy eating and 5-a-day.
We try to cook as much as possible.

Year 8
Students complete another half term of Food with themes that include foods from cultures around the world. Students are also encouraged to create and develop their own recipes. As well as the practical element students will also learn the theory behind it.

WJEC GCSE Food preparation and nutrition

The assessment for the course consists of;

Exam 50% Controlled Assessments 50%

There are two controlled assessments, which are both completed in Year 11. They are worth 20 and 30% of the final grade respectively.

The shorter task is an investigation into a basic ingredient e.g. sugar. Students are expected to carry out a series of practical tasks to ensure they know about the commodities characteristics and its function within recipes. There is a maximum of 8 hours to complete this task.

The second task is a longer assignment where students are given the opportunity to pick from 3 assignment titles. This piece of work must be completed in 15 hours and culminates in candidates cooking a three course meal of their choosing.

The exam covers knowledge and understanding of food commodities, the principals of nutrition, diet and good health, food spoilage, where food comes from, the science of food and cultural issue surrounding diet. Students will spend much of their time cooking, so they must be prepared to plan their dishes and bring in ingredients on a regular basis.

This is an excellent course for students who want to go on to study catering and hospitality at college.

Curriculum Overview 2018/19

Food Years 7-11 Overview for 2018-2019

Year 7 SOL

Year 8 SOL

Year 9, 10 and 11 SOL