Art and Design

The Art Department at Kings Lynn Academy consists of:

Miss Annabelle (Annie) Culley – Full Time teacher of Art and Head of Art, Drama and Music

Miss Hannah Drewery

The department is an open plan department with 3 art classrooms.  The department’s objectives are to ensure that students are equipped with a range of skills and techniques and to have confidence to develop their own ideas and produce high quality work.  Students receive weekly lessons and the department provides an extracurricular club after-school which enables students to experience a range of fun and creative activities.

Key Stage 3
At Key Stage 3 students receive a lesson per week.  We teach a range of disciplines including drawing and painting, printmaking, collage, pastels, and sculpture.

Curriculum Overview 2017/18

Year 7 Scheme of Learning Autumn

Year 7 Scheme of Learning Summer 2

Year 8 Scheme of Learning Autumn

Year 8 Scheme of Learning Summer 2

Key Stage 4
Students receive three lessons per week.  At GCSE the department follow Edexcel Art and Design; Fine Art. Students are introduced to a range of skills and media. Students are given a title as a starting point and will produce a body of work based on four assessment criteria. There is a balance between observation, drawing, painting and written work.

Curriculum Overview 2017/18

Year 9 Scheme of Learning Autumn

Year 9 Scheme of Learning Summer 2

Year 10 Scheme of Learning Autumn

Year 10 Scheme of Learning Summer 2

Year 11 Scheme of Learning Autumn

GCSE Assessment will cover:
1. A Personal Portfolio based on Controlled Assessment projects with research and experimentation, drawing, written analysis and contextual work about artists, development and resolved outcomes.
2. An Externally-Set Assignment: ten weeks preparatory work with a ten-hour timed practical exam.

Other information:
The department values the importance of educational visits to enhance students’ experiences and understanding. There are organised trips to galleries for GCSE pupils. This gives students the opportunity to see real work and gain an understanding of the context of the work which supports the GCSE work.

Students at Key Stage 3 receive approximately 30 minutes homework per fortnight (dependent on the task)
Key Stage 4 students receive one to two hours weekly homework (dependent on the task)

Equipment and Materials:
At Key Stage 3 students are provided with a sketchbook to complete work in lessons.

At Key Stage 4 students purchase an A3 sketchbook and a plastic folder from the department.

All students are expected to arrive to every lesson with basic equipment.