IAG, CBV & Tutor Programme

Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) & Citizenship, Beliefs and Values (CBV);

Meet the CBV and IAG team:

Mr Brian Reeve-Hays

Mr Robert McLean

Miss Katie Watts

Mrs Taniesha Ward-Robinson

Key Stage 3 (CBV)

There is one CBV lesson timetabled per week in KS3. Students explore what it means to live responsibly and safely with others within a modern society.

The KS3 topics covered include:

Personal Identity and Transition from KS2; Communication skills; Social and emotional aspects of learning; Role and influence of media; Human rights; Body image; Citizenship; Mental health; Beliefs and ethics; Fundamental British values, including preventing extremism; Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Key Stage 4 (IAG)

There is one IAG lesson timetabled per week in KS4. Students are guided through a series of topics which equip them with the knowledge, skills and motivation required to be successful in both public exams and in life beyond this Academy.

The KS4 topics covered include:

Key organisation skills, Future planning (careers, apprenticeships, colleges, sixth forms, universities); Identifying values and finding personal motivation; Interviews and applications; Enterprise; Leadership; Personal finance and independent living; Wellbeing, resilience and positive thinking; Relationship and sex education; Independent learning skills; Identifying academic strengths and tackling weaknesses, Locating and using additional subject resources (e.g. Apps, revision Mats, PLCs); Revision and exam techniques.

CBV and IAG Curriculum Overview 2018/19

CBV Y7, 8 and 9 

IAG Y10 and 11

Tutor Programme:

The Tutor Programme in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 is based around weekly themes and has the following structure:

* Student voice

* Pastoral focus on achievement, behaviour and attendance

* Assembly based around a weekly thematic focus (or rewards assembly)

* Further exploration of the thematic focus in tutor groups

* Review of the week

The themes for 2018/19 are:

Starting as we mean to go on; Owning my journey; Expressing Myself Effectively; Relationships & Respect; Mental Health Week: Thinking with a clear head; Celebrating Achievements; Celebrating Our Differences; Remembrance Week; Making Good Decisions; Safety Week, Resilience: Committing to growth, Finding my voice/ Adapting my voice; Human Rights; Growing in confidence; Kindness Week – Random Acts of kindness; Owning my actions; Owning my decisions; Breaking down the journey; Power/ Powerful Figures; Risk Taking; Careers Week: Life skills; Red Nose Day; Happiness Week; Charting the course; British Values; World of Creativity and Innovation Week; Becoming mindful; Driving Change; Acting Deliberately; Dreams and Goals; Finishing with pride; Building awareness; Values and perceptions; Finding my place; Onwards and upwards; How far have you come?; Staying Safe Through the Holidays; Celebrating the year.