Student Voice

Student Commission

At King’s Lynn Academy, there is a strong belief that students have a valuable contribution to make to all aspects of Academy life, and that their views are respected, listened to and valued. The Academy has a Student Commission which gives students a chance to have a say in Academy life, build on their strengths and develop their leadership skills.

The Student Commission is a student body which focuses on student engagement and teaching and learning at King’s Lynn Academy. The Commissioners work in partnership with staff to develop these aspects of their school. Student Commissioners take part in half-termly learning walks in which they are able to review the learning and engagement of students as well as the atmosphere of lessons. This is all then shared with Academy Leadership to continue to develop the teaching and learning at KLA. They have also been consulted on policy making at their Academy.

This is a really exciting opportunity for student to have a real say, working with staff at all levels to create positive change, by giving students ownership of their learning and the chance to make changes that are beneficial to all.

Whole School Student Voice:

At King’s Lynn Academy we believe that it is vital that all students have a chance to have a voice, therefore we have a weekly question which all students are asked to answer in Seminar Time. This uses the Smart School Councils class meetings model. There are several key features of these ‘meetings’:

  • They involve everyone – Every single student at KLA has the chance to be involved.
  • They are student led – each week students lead the discussion and take responsibility for completing the form in order to report back their ideas and answers.
  • They develop students’ skills – by having to discuss their answers with their peers they are developing skills such as oracy, leadership, confidence, negotiation and compromise.
  • Voting is based on focused discussion in small groups and not individual votes meaning that students have to shared their ideas and listen to others’.

Each week the results from the previous week are shared so that students can see what has been said across the school and they are informed of any action that may come about from their answers.

Each half-term there is structure to the questions that are asked to allow the students to think about and discuss different topics and issues. The first week of each half-term will be school specific as the students will be asked a question about a part of their academy and how it could be improved. In weeks two to five the students will asked a question which is linked to current affairs or and SMSC issue and in the final week they will be posed a question by with the Principal or the Head of School which may be school related or could be a question designed to get them “thinking hard”.

Head Boy and Girl

Every year there are whole school elections which lead to King’s Lynn Academy choosing their Head Boy and Head Girl. In the last few years we have seen some brilliant and hard fought campaigns which have ended in very close results. These elections not only give the Year 10 students the chance of putting themselves forward to be in a position of leadership in their academy, it promotes the idea of democracy and voting, and most recently, linking our elections to those that have been happening nationally. This year Lewis Dixon and Maisie Hancock are the Head Boy and Head Girl and so far have been excellent role models for other students.