Student Commission

At King’s Lynn Academy, there is a strong belief that students have a valuable contribution to make to all aspects of Academy life, and that their views are respected, listened to and valued. The Academy has created a Student Commission which gives students have a say in Academy life, build on their strengths and develop their leadership skills.

The Student Commission is a student body which focuses on student engagement and teaching and learning at King’s Lynn Academy. The Commissioners work in partnership with members of staff to develop these aspects of their school. This involves working directly with teachers to develop classroom practice and suggesting and developing strategies that promote outstanding learning for all. Student Commissioners also take part in staff training sessions, allowing the students a voice in policy making at their Academy.

This is a really exciting opportunity for students to have a real say, working with staff at all levels to create positive change, by giving students ownership of their learning and the chance to make changes that are beneficial to all.