Term 1 PSHE Day Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 Maintaining Transition – adjusting to secondary school life. (Worries and fears, contributing to the wider school, meeting new people) Positive friendships


Identity and stereotypes (gender)

Healthy relationships at home

Internet safety

Road safety: Grim Reaper

Staying safe –

Dark nights: Be safe, be seen.

Healthy relationships –

Managing different types of relationships, including emotions

Healthy mind –

Positive thinking,

Growth mind-set

Healthy Body –

Diet and healthy eating

Healthy Body –

Exercise and wellbeing, including sleep

Year 8 Making informed choices





Criminal justice system

Good citizenship

Being safe/streetwise

Employability skills-

Team work and leadership

Bullying –

Being a bystander

Taking ‘banter’ too far

Healthy relationships-

Dealing with negative/risky relationships

Healthy body –

Hygiene and appearance

Role of the media

Body image and lifestyle choices

Year 9 Managing emotions-



Identity (being ‘me’)


N.B. A whole year focus on accessing support across all topics

Risks and consequences:




First Aid


Healthy Relationships (DV)

Peer Pressure, including consent Healthy relationships at home –


Family arguments

Healthy relationships –

Love, respect, sexuality, feeling happy/safe

Healthy body –

Maintaining a healthy diet and a positive relationship with food

Respect, equality and contributing positively to a diverse community
Year 10 Post 16 options-

Different levels of qualifications, further and higher education requirements

Healthy Relationships

Teenage pregnancy

Sexual health



Testicular cancer

Staying safe –

SRE, focusing on drinking alcohol and inhibitions being lowered – Risks

Healthy body –

The long and short term effects of alcohol and certain drugs (relevant to KLA students)

Healthy mind –

Motivation and organisation. Time management.

Employment laws and rights for young people Managing personal finances
Year 11 Healthy mind –

Stress, anxiety, relaxation and CBT

Young Driver Education Staying safe – Contraception and alcohol Accessing help and support