Prom 2017

The stage was set, the red carpet rolled out, gowns and suits were purchased, hair, makeup and nails were immaculate. It was time for our annual Prom on Friday 30th June and how they dazzled.

Arriving in many different forms of transport from sports cars, a helicopter, lorries and trucks to name a few.

The Academy was transformed by a willing and helpful number of staff and students.


Delicious canopies were served pre-dinner. This was followed by a the catering team serving us all with a sumptuous meal and we were waited on by our catering students.

After dinner Mrs Westbury gave a brief speech. This was followed by the awards which ranged from, the nicest smile, the clumsiest person who tripped up as collecting her award and the person likely to be famous/infamous. All were received with much hilarity.

Formalities over students and staff danced until the end of the evening.

It was a fitting and successful way to say goodbye to the Class of 2017.