Key Stage 3

At KLA our aim is to provide students with a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that fosters a love of learning and enables all students to reach their academic potential.  We build on students’ achievements in Key Stage 2 to develop the breadth and depth of their knowledge, skills and understanding, preparing them thoroughly for the end of Key Stage tasks, tests and assignments in Year 8 and in preparation for taking their GCSE and Vocational courses at KS4.

In both Year 7 and Year 8 students will study the following subjects:




Physical Education

MFL (French and German)





Design Technology

Food and Nutrition


PSHE (Through form time, PSHE Days and Subjects)

With every unit of work, in every subject, students will experience a wide range of teaching and learning styles.  This will include individual and group work, whole class teaching, oral presentations or written reports, creative work and opportunities to make choices and have control over what they learn.  Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, developing excellent independent learning skills, so that they become less reliant on input from teachers.


Key Stage 3 students will be set pieces of work that encourage independent learning skills and, in particular, skills to: preview and summarise information, use a number of different sources, organise and plan work and improve presentation.  Students are encouraged to transfer skills between subject areas, see mistakes as part of the learning process, set challenging targets and aim to achieve the best possible work. Students will be set homework each week in accordance with the KLA homework calendar.

Key Staff in Key Stage 3:

Head of Key stage 3 – Laura Tea –

Head of Year 7 – Debbie Germaney – 01553 779621

Year 7 Form Tutors:

7AWA – Alex Walpole

7GCO – Gemma Coker

7NJA – Nita Jackman

7SGO – Sinead Goodson

7CBA – Charlotte Barber

7BGI – Ben Griffin

7SHA – Sophie Harris

Head of Year 8 – Amy Crowe – 01553 779695

Year 8 Form Tutors:

8CBR – Carly Bracher

8JMA – Jen May

8THO – Tom Hodkinson

8EBL – Eileen Blade

8LBE – Louise Bell

8RES – Richard Essex