Staff members can be emailed by using the following e-mail format:

Mr Alan Fletcher, Principal
Mrs Elanor Westbury, Vice Principal, Behaviour, Safety and Welfare
Mr Phil Bugg, Vice Principal, Teaching and Learning

Teaching staff

Art and Technology

Ms Annabelle (Annie) Culley, Head of Art and Assistant Principal
Mr Darren Bennett
Miss Elysia Cuckow, Art and Technology Technician

Miss Hannah Drewery, Head of Technology
Mr Paul Aldous, Assistant Principal
Mrs Hayley Lockey
Mrs Jenny (Jen) May
Miss Elysia Cuckow, Art and Technology Technician

Business Studies, IT and IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance)
Mr Rob McLean, Assistant Principal
Miss Taniesha Ward-Robinson
Miss Katie Watts

English and Drama
Mr Graham Frammingham, Head of English and Assistant Principal
Mrs Elanor Westbury, Vice Principal
Miss Charlotte Barber
Mrs Liz Espiner
Mrs Sianead Goodson
Mrs Sophie Harris
Mr Thomas (Tom) Hodkinson
Miss Katherine Poll, (C0-0rdinator of Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme)
Ms Diane Scoles
Mrs Emma Webber
Mrs Julie Wilson, Cover Supervisor for English
Mrs Kim Bowles, Library Assistant

Mr Simon Burton-White, Head of Department
Mr Aaron Blows
Mrs Charis Prevett, (Curriculum Manager for Student Voice)
Mrs Nicola Bower
Mr Brian Reeve-Hayes
Mr Micheal Spraggs
Miss Algimanta Vaiksnyte
Miss Kirsty Wilson, Cover Supervisor for Humanities

Ms Carly Bracher, Head of Languages
Miss Gemma Coker
Mr Alan Fletcher, Principal
Mrs Marlene Flor

Learning Support
Miss Helen Ansell, Teaching Assistant
Miss Ana Fonseca, Senior Assistant SENCo and HLTA
Mr Ben Griffin, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hayley Lockey, HLTA and Senior Assistant SENCo
Mrs Cindy McLeish, HLTA English and Senior Assistant SENCo
Miss Julie Penson, Teaching Assistant

Mr James Crockett, Head of Mathematics
Mrs Lucy Amos
Mrs Ellen-Ann Blade
Mr Richard Essex
Mr Andrew Gibson
Mrs Rachel Gibson
Mrs Wendy Gore
Mrs Alison Taylor, HLTA and Cover Supervisor for Maths
Mr Chu-Kwei Wong

Physical Education
Miss Laura Tea, Head of PE and Assistant Principal
Mr Phil Bugg, Vice Principal
Mr Jon May
Mr Alex Walpole
Miss Katie Watts (IAG)

Mrs Louise Bell, Head of Science
Mrs Elizabeth Baughman
Miss Rachelle Carnell
Mr Hugh Cooper
Mr David Endersby
Mrs Lois Gilbert, Cover Supervisor for Science
Mrs Sarah Harper
Mrs Nita Jackman
Mrs Bev Whitehead
Miss Charlotte Burrow, Science Technician
Mrs Carole Reeve, Science Technician

Miss Amy Crowe, Head of Year 8
Mrs Bridget (Bridie) Defty, Head of Year 11
Mrs Debbie Germaney, Head of Year 7
Mrs Emma Mann, Head of Year 9
Miss Helen McGivern, Head of Year 10
Mrs Lorraine Roberts, Attendance Manager and Acting Head of Year 11

Forward Step
Mrs Liz Espiner, Manager and English Teacher
Mrs Diane Allix-Woodman, Behaviour Assistant
Mr Dan Cowling, HLTA
Mr David Endersby, Science Teacher
Mrs Wendy Gore, Maths Teacher
Mrs Mandy Thomas, Behaviour Manager
Mr Jon May, PE Teacher
Mrs Lisa Parry, Teaching Assistant and Instructor
Mr Nick Williams, Teaching Assistant

PP Base
Mrs Mandy Thomas, Pupil Premium Co-ordinator, Behaviour Manager
Mrs Carolyn Fysh, HLTA Maths
Mrs Katie Grimes, English Teacher
Mrs Sophie Harris, English Teacher
Miss Marianne Stevens, HLTA Science

Isolation Base and Reflection Room
Miss Charlotte Doughty, Isolation Base Supervisor
Miss Shelley Lacey, Reflection Room Supervisor

Associate staff

Miss Laura Adcock, Clerical Assistant (Communication)
Mrs Cathy Hase, Business Manager
Mrs Jackie Hazell, Principal’s PA and Data Manager
Mrs Joanne Hoare, Student Support Admin
Mrs Rachel Mellor, Administration Manager
Mrs Jeanette Waite, Receptionist
Miss Megan Westbury, Clerical Assistant

Mr Simon Anderson, Network Manager KLA/KES
Mr Tom Craske, IT Apprentice

Mrs Silvia Baker, EAL Co-ordinator and Teacher
Miss Algimanta Vaiksnyte, General Cover Supervisor and EAL Assistant


Mr Stephen Kelly, Site Officer
Mr Stuart Rippengill, Site Officer
Mr James Starling, Premises Manager

Canteen Staff
Mrs Wendy Aldridge
Miss Sharon Ambrose
Mrs Deborah Bates
Mrs Maxine Dunthorne
Mrs Michelle Gaze
Miss Chloe Howard
Miss Loy Namakula
Mrs Kelly Yardy