Pupil premium

King’s Lynn Academy will ensure that all students who are eligible for Pupil Premium will have access to the following provisions:

  • All KS4 PP students to receive revision books for English, maths and science.
  • To ensure year 11 students have no barriers to attending after school revision.
  • The Academy to provide opportunities to attend events to raise aspirations e.g. The Brilliant
    Club, Living for Sport, The AQA Unlocking Potential Programme and The Prince William
    Award delivered by Skill Force.
  • All PP students to have basic essentials at the Academy e.g. stationery.
  • All PP students to have equal opportunities for additional responsibilities with KLA e.g.
    School Commissioners and Head Boy/Head Girl.
  • All PP students to undergo 1 – 1 meetings with a personal coach.
  • All PP students to have equal access to additional curriculum opportunities e.g.
    Passion with Purpose Base and homework clubs.
  • PP students to have access to the library and IT facilities before school, at break and
    Lunchtimes and after school in the Passion with Purpose Base.
  • All Y11 PP students to have 1 – 1 support post-16.
  • All PP students to be able to attend any day trips/visits integral to the school curriculum.
  •  All PP students to be able to celebrate their successes and achievements e.g. rewards

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017-18

Pupil Premium Leaflet

Pupil Premium Letter