Terms of Reference


The group shall be known as the Parent Voice.

The group does not have any statutory responsibilities, duties or powers.

The Parent Voice will be facilitated by the Academy, with a parent Chairperson to lead the meetings supported by Academy staff.


To improve communications with Parents/Carers and promote a strong partnership.

To enable school leaders to understand the views of parents/carers.

To provide a forum for parents/carers to contribute their ideas and ask questions about the Academy.

To enable parents/carers to give, and receive, support.


To improve and enhance home/school communication links for the benefit of all students.

To work in partnership to further develop and enhance the current provision and influence decision making and planning for future provision.

To provide an opportunity for the parent voice to be heard and for parents to engage with the school.

We will do this by:

  •  Sharing information and communicating.
  •  Endeavouring to ensure a diverse forum membership and representation of views from parents/carers from all backgrounds and sectors of the community.
  •  Promoting a reputation and image of the Group which reflects its purpose.


Only parents/carers of children currently at King’s Lynn Academy can be members. All parents/carers are eligible and welcome to attend any or all of the meetings during the year.

Operating Principles

Individual issues (pupil/parents/staff/curriculum) will not be discussed at Parent Voice meetings.

If concerns are discussed, no staff or student names will be used and individuals should not be identifiable.

Members of staff present are not required to field complaints but can pass on issues raised to the appropriate member of staff to further investigate.

Meetings & Feedback

The group shall meet a minimum of 3 times per year and additional meeting can be called as and when required.

The meetings are to be informal and provide opportunities for open discussion.