Ethos & Values

Our Core Values

King’s Lynn Academy is a positive place of learning. Our job is to support every student to make great progress. In doing this, we are guided by a set of core values:

We respect difference and work in partnership

  • We make the most of everyone’s potential and celebrate success
  • We recognise that everyone has a voice and deserves to be listened to
  • We challenge everyone to realise their ambitions and excel
  • We believe in reflection and being the best we can

Our Mission

Learning without Limits

We will support every student to make great progress and we will remove any ceilings to achievement. We want every student to be the best they can be’.
To do this, we focus on some key themes:


Daily Personal Bests

We will support every student by setting challenging targets for students’ future success. We support each student from their own starting point. We believe that success is best achieved by doing the little things well, every day and through a consistent desire from every student to make continual progress. Focusing on daily personal bests helps students to go further faster’.


You Will be Known

We know every student well and provide the assistance they need to succeed. We create a strong community where our staff and students truly pull together. We encourage every student to make the most of their own character: we challenge each student to stand out through success and dare to be different’.


Spirit of Enterprise

Every young person at KLA is challenged to engage with the world of work and what will be expected of them in the future. Students have the opportunities to learn about and be rewarded for key enterprise skills across the curriculum: risk-taking; determination; passion; problem-solving; teamwork; and creativity.